The Incoming Show of Total Solar Eclipse, linking Mathematics in the Context

  In keeping with the enthusiasm of the incoming total solar eclipse, I want to revive my presentation at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific annual meeting last year on this very topic The eclipse that changed the picture of the universe. Here is the abstract, and linked to it is its utube video (find … Read more

Math Shaped

To prepare a talk for the upcoming MathFest, to be held in Chicago this year, I was ruminating over articulating a clean-cut yet telling narrative. Since the talk subject is on ways to effectively outreach mathematics to general audience, it should at least somewhat bring up core concepts of mathematics. Somehow allude to the essentiality … Read more

Prime Numbers Paralleling Reality: Possible?

All non-trivial zeros of the zeta function have real part one-half stated Bernhard Riemann in 1859, a German mathematician whose contributions to modern mathematics, and theoretical physics, is wide and deep—a commonly known one is in structuring the layout of Einstein’s theory of general relativity (spacetime conforms to gravity). Riemann Zeta Function The relatively simple … Read more

Window of Mathematics: The Language of Prime Numbers

Along the theme of earlier post of mathematics as being a universal language of the reality itself, here we shall peek into the revelatory window of prime numbers—for their simplicity and uncertainty at the surface, alongside the intricacy and perfection underneath. Underneath the uncoordinated display, the prime numbers incite well-structured tones—of mathematics and the universe … Read more

Mathematics: Order and Reflections

Hello everyone, As indicated, this post is on the dialect of mathematics in exposing the deep reality of the universe—physical and dynamic. Voice of mathematics helps us understand this world, starting with simple algorithmic functions, and ceaselessly unfolding to rather complex and abstract hidden truths. Mathematics is the language we employ to make sense of … Read more

Mathematical correlations

Voice of mathematics correlates with the architecture of the universe, and helps translate not only the laws that govern this world but logic, aesthetics, and perceptions. Hello everyone, I am happy to join science blog, and I would be writing here regularly on subjects that make scientific explorations enticing, and keep our longing for truth alive. … Read more